Buyer resources and personalized white glove service.

For the majority, one’s home is often the largest purchase of their life. With such a great decision, you should be diligent in ensuring you have the best representation that you can trust. When working with buyer clients, it is my commitment to ensure they have the information they need to make the best informed decision for their needs. My reputation for achieving high satisfaction with my buyers comes down to one simple factor; understanding them. 

With comprehensive understanding of my clients’ goals, it is my job to provide the necessary information to navigate and guide them to making an informed decision. With many factors going into the informed decision, I am committed to providing you statistics, reports, knowledge and unique access to my team’s network that will help in ensuring you are choosing the right home or investment for you. Whether it be on or off market opportunities I present to my clients, experienced attention to detail is a priority when reviewing all the relevant information regarding the property. 

Providing thorough investigation as well as extensive negotiation expertise, is what makes me an integral part of my clients’ success in securing their properties of choice. I pride myself on being available throughout the process until closing, as well as always continuing to be a contact and resource to my clients long after a transaction completes.


I make sure you’re positioned to make your best decisions by providing you with the statistical data, specific to the home type and neighbourhood you’re considering. With this detailed information we’re able to determine the precise price range for your prospective home, and preform the essential due diligence to ensure you are have complete information. Combine that with my review of the price growth historical data ensures you won’t overpay, and meet personal and investment goals.


I'll review the home's parcel register. This report is valuable in verifying the home you're considering is in good financial standing. If a property has a Home Inspection Report, I make sure to get it and review it's details with you. The bottom line, I want to make sure you have ALL of the relevant information so you're able to make informed decisions.

Hand Selected Listings

Spending ample time upfront with you helps refine the search criteria. I will work with you to establish a strategy to ensure you are seeing all the possible property matches while taking the 'heavy lifting' out of it. As a result, once I have you set up on my system, I review your property matches first, and send the truly viable options your way. This saves you a lot of time and helps to avoid getting overwhelmed in the process.

Referral Network

With access to mortgage brokers, lawyers, home inspectors, movers, contractors, cleaners, all whom you can trust; I’m happy to share them with you, whatever you need. My "people" are your "people".

For going into the buying process, my referrals can help you be fully prepared. This peace of mind makes all the difference. Particularly when you’re faced with having to make decisions in a short amount of time. Having pertinent details in advance of embarking on your journey sets you up for making informed decisions with high-level confidence.

For after you’ve purchased, my referral network can help you with projects both small and large.


All of whom handle the process in their own way. By taking a collaborative approach to best represent your interests, I form a trusting relationship with every listing agent. This. Goes. A. Long. Way.

This trust extends to your offer. Written with precision to the last detail, I make every effort to showcase your offer's strengths and merits. Listing agents APPRECIATE this immensely. It results in your offer being well received, and often makes the difference in having your offer accepted.

I use the same collaborative approach when dealing with ALL of the professions that will be a part of your home purchase.

Neighbourhood Expertise

With so many wonderful “pockets” across the city, there's no shortage of amazing neighbourhoods, each rich in architectural design and cultural diversity. Living, working, and playing here, I have an in-depth knowledge of the city. One that goes a long way when I’m helping you on your real estate journey.

And being immersed in my career keeps me on top of the real estate market. The what. The where. The how. The when. Information you'll benefit from for making your decisions with high-level confidence.